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Chantix (varenicline tartrate) is a prescription medication manufactured by Pfizer and used to help adult patients stop smoking. It is a non-nicotine pill that prevents nicotine from reaching key receptors in the brain. Once hailed as a miracle drug, it has been increasingly linked to depression, suicide and abnormal behavior.
It’s no wonder that when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Chantix in 2006, it quickly became the most popular treatment for those struggling to quit smoking. Clinical trials reported that more than one in five smokers using Chantix remained smoke-free for at least one year. This was “a significant improvement over current medications,” said Thomas J. Glynn, the American Cancer Society’s director of international tobacco programs. 

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Big Business
It is estimated thatmore than 4 million people have been prescribed Chantix. Worldwide sales of the drug (marketed as Chamtix outside the United States) reached $883 million in 2007, but dipped in 2008 due to news about dangerous side effects. An estimated 6.5 million or more people have used Chantix since it went on the market.
Chantix manufacturer Pfizer Incorporated is the largest and most profitable pharmaceutical company in the world. Its U.S. laboratories produced blockbuster drugs Viagra and Celebrex, in addition to Chantix.
Buyer Beware

The FDA issued a public health advisory in February 2008, alerting health care providers, patients and caregivers that “serious neuropsychiatric symptoms have occurred in patients taking Chantix.” These symptoms include “changes in behavior, agitation, depressed mood, suicidal ideation, and attempted and completed suicides. 
In May 2008, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), a Philadelphia-based health care watchdog group, reported on the dangers of the main ingredient in Chantix. It noted that varenicline tartrate had accounted for 988 serious injuries reported to the FDA within 3 months – more than any other single drug. The report linked Chantix to adverse side effects ranging from diabetes to skin irritation, to seizures, psychosis and even serious falls.
Contact a attorney to learn if you have a viable claim and are entitled to compensation for medical expenses and suffering.
Chantix Litigation Attorneys have experience and knowledge in dealing with large pharmaceutical and insurance companies and can get you the compensation you deserve for your harm or loved one’s untimely passing.
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